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Lions Club Ramp Project

Pictured left to right are Kittanning Lions Gary Wolfe, King Lion Homer Stubrich, Larry McKelvey, and Doug Brown, shown with their completed ramp and railing project they built for a local disabled gentleman in October 2000. Although a small club, the Kittanning Lions Club does its best to help the needy using the talents and dedication of its members.

Lions Club Student of the Month, Jacob Dodd

Pictured left to right are Student of the Month Chairman for 2000-2001 Lion Lisa Brown and Student of the Month of May 2001 Jacob Dodd from Kittanning Senior High School. The Kittanning Lions Club sponsors a Student of the Month for eight months of the year from Kittanning Senior High School. The club invites the student and his/her parents to a regular club meeting, which includes dinner and presentation of a plaque for the student's achievements.

Peace Poster Contest

Pictured center is King Lion Homer Stubrich, surrounded by his "harem" of, from left to right, Lions Lisa Brown, Janet Hepler, Jane Gilligan, Peggy Spence, and Heather McKelvey. King Lion Homer and his "harem" displayed the peace posters drawn by sixth-grade students in local business windows in downtown Kittanning. <P> <HR SIZE="2" COLOR="#C000C0"> <P> <TABLE BORDER="0" WIDTH="100%"> <TR ALIGN="center"> <TD COLSPAN="3"><fONT SIZE="2"><b><A HREF="index2.html">Home</A></B></FONT></TD> </TR><TR ALIGN="center"> <TD WIDTH="33%"><fONT SIZE="2"><b><A HREF="roster.html">Roster</A></B></FONT></TD> <TD WIDTH="34%"><fONT SIZE="2"><b><A HREF="committees.html">Committees</A></B></FONT></TD> <TD WIDTH="33%"><fONT SIZE="2"><b><A HREF="officers.html">Officers</A></B></FONT></TD> </TR><TR ALIGN="center"> <TD><fONT SIZE="2"><b><A HREF="about.html">About the Lions Club</A></B></FONT></TD> <TD><fONT SIZE="2"><b><A HREF="who_we_are.html">Who We Are</A></B></FONT></TD> <TD><fONT SIZE="2"><b><A HREF="lionism.html">Lionism</A></B></FONT></TD> </TR><TR ALIGN="center"> <TD><fONT SIZE="2"><b><A HREF="major_activities.html">Major Activities</A></B></FONT></TD> <TD><fONT SIZE="2"><b><A HREF="contributions.html">Contributions</A></B></FONT></TD> <TD><fONT SIZE="2"><b><A HREF="pictures.html">Pictures</A></B></FONT></TD> </TR> </TABLE>